Hi, I'm Vance Stevens
and this is my family

We like to travel ...

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Picture taken in Similan Islands, Thailand

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Mozambique and Lesotho - Summer 2009


Maldives and Sri Lanka (again) - December 2008

Uzbekistan, Korea, and Japan - Summer 2008

Spain, France, Houston, and California - Summer 2007

Mauritius Part 1 and Part 2- 2009

Oman, often

Kyrgyzstan and Yunnan, 2006

Guatemala and Honduras, 2005

Thailand, Oct. 2004

Ladakh, 2002

China, Tunisia, Prague, and Thailand - Summer 2004

'Texas Alps' and Swiss Alps, Summer, 2001

Morocco and Spain, Summer 2000

Sri Lanka and the Maldives, 1999

South Africa, 1999

Venezuela and Aruba, 1999

Nepal, Australia, and Costa Rica, 1998

U.K. Lake District, 1997

Chile, 1996

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