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Vance's Travels in Chile, November 1996

You can read here all about Vance's trip to Chile. It starts with arrival by plane in Santiago and some perhaps unique perspectives on the city (or perhaps not). If you click on the Spanish version, you'll see the paper I handed in to my Spanish teacher describing some limited aspects of the journey. The whole work is one more chunk of evidence mounting against the notion of carrying laptops while traveling.

Business taken care of, more or less, Vance organizes a long weekend in the south of Chile, in one small corner of a vast area known as the Lake Region.

Hitchhiking has always been one of my preferred modes of travel. The items below describe a day out recapturing vestiges of headier days moving freely through Europe and Africa.

The "reason" if there was one for my choosing Pucon as a destination was the opportunity to climb the snow-capped volcano that dominates the area. One day, the clouds parted, and I had my chance.

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