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for Vance Stevens, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #64181
In 2011 celebrating 45 years of diving, since 1966

On PADI Active Teaching Status through 2017 since 1993
To conduct a PADI Pro Chek on me use Glenn V Stevens owsi #64181

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Descriptions of UAE and Oman dive sites: My Own and another good source is Carole Harris and Tony Schroder (c.2002) UAE Underwater Explorer, Explorer Publishing, ISBN 9768182-17-2
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In UAE I have resumed teaching scuba classes. I teach in return for students picking up my diving related expenses.

Otherwise, I teach to enjoy myself, to intensify friendships, to train people who will go diving with me, and to keep up my skills as a dive instructor.

Vance on Barrier Reef in Australia
Summer 1998

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My wife Bobbi and oldest son Glenn have both been PADI Advanced Open Water divers since 1995. Bobbi certified as PADI Rescue Diver in 2005, the same year Glenn completed all the open water work for Rescue Diver (needs to take the exam). Dusty achieved PADI Jr. Open Water certification in 1998, Advanced Jr. Open Water in 1999, and Rescue Diver in 2005. I was their certifying instructor, of course.

I was a Dive Leader while a member of BSAC, the British Sub Aqua Club, from 1997-2003

Diving Resume

I have made many hundreds of dives over the past 40 years. My logbooks go back to July 1991. In addtion to my unlogged dives from 1966 to 1991, I have logged hundreds of dives before and since arrival in the UAE in July 1997.

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Diving in Oman and elsewhere, 1985-1995

Dive Log exerpts: Damaniyite Islands, Oman | Shark feeding at Osprey Reef, Coral Sea

Between 1985 and 1995 I did quite a lot of diving in Oman, mostly at Bandar Khairan and Fahal Island, and with one eventful trip up to the shark infested/enhanced Straits of Hormuz. I did my divemaster training at the Oman Dive Federation and I got my instructor card in the Sea of Cortez off Guyamos and afterwards dived a few days more off Cabo San Lucas, Baha.

I was fortunate to see two whale sharks during these years, one off Fahel Island and the other in the Damaniyites. On one of my most unusual dives, I was clinging to a bucking whale trapped in a net while trying to cut it free during a successful rescue effort in 1995.

While in Oman, I also made trips to the Maldives, the Red Sea off Jordan and Sinai, Bali and Manado in Indonesia, Ko Tau, Phuket and the Similian Islands in Thailand, Bohol, Cebu, and Boracay in the Philippines, Fiji, Cook Islands ... I can't remember all the places. Palau was probably the best diving I've ever done (I'm often asked that question), for masses of sharks and tuna and other big fish. I saw the manta rays off nearby Yap. Just north of these stupendous dive spots, Guam disappointed, most big fish having been killed off by uncontrolled spear fishing.

Other places of note have been Madang in Papua New Guinea, various places in Fiji (Beqa Lagoon and Taveuni) and the Cook Islands (Roratonga, Aitutaki), and off Maui and the Big Island in Hawaii. My last really interesting diving was in Sipadan with my family on our trip through Borneo to California. That diving was some of the best we've ever enjoyed, first time I ever saw a hammerhead.

Lately I've been diving off Abu Dhabi, frequenting sometimes boring but occasionally surprising breakwater dive sites. I've also dived some more interesting but redundant wrecks 30 miles offshore (e.g. Hannan, Lion City, Jasim, and the more interesting Ludwig!). I've twice dived 50 meters down on the Energy Determination, a supertanker wrecked off Musandam in almost 90 meters of water, with my BSAC acquaintances (deco dives are sanctioned under BSAC rules).

I've also been often to Khor Fakkhan and Musandam in the Northern Emirates, my favorite spot in the waning days of last century being (on a good day) Martini Rock just outside Khor Fakkan harbor. In the early 2000's Dibba Rock was THE place to dive, with consistent sightings of black tips, devil rays, turtles, etc. etc. until the place was hammered with Cyclone Gonu and later a devastating 6-month red tide. Increased harbor and other coastal construction in the area has prevented come-back. Now in 2012 Musandam, where the rocky coast prevents development, is the best diving around, with whale sharks frequently sighted in early summer.

Bobbi and I have also made recent returns to the Oman Dive Federation for a pleasant revisit to Bandar Khairan (people there even remembered us). Even more recently, we enjoyed superb diving around the Damaniyite Islands of Al-Sawadi in Oman.

Some Dive Sites I visited last century, when there were still reefs

On Friday Dec 29, 2006 an article about my diving experiences appeared in the FRIDAY magazine of the Gulf News in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE. There were differences between statements I made during the interview process and those attributed to me in this article; specifically the quote under my picture and the last three paragraphs here (the editors made these up; I didn't express any sentiments of this nature): I have reproduced the article here, showing the statements I in fact made, but which were not used in the article.

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