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Implementing Expectations: The Firewall in the Mind

Plenary Address by Vance Stevens

Implementing Call in EFL: Living up to Expectations

a conference at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia
May 5th - 6th, 2001

The presenter brings 20 years of experience with CALL to bear on traditional notiions of how computers should be be used for language learning and suggests alternatively paradigms inherent in two development models he has been working with recently, one institutional and one online. In the institutional setting the presentation supports a tool-based approach to CALL with reliance on teachers as craftspersons who focus on the curriculum, while the online model promotes community building incorporating students' faces and personalities. The presenter uses video, sound and examples of web-based humanistic interfaces to show positive outcomes through application of these paradigms to CALL implementation. (See a more complete Abstract)

Slide 01 - Music and Papert
Slide 02 - What is this talk going to be about?
Slide 03 - What's a firewall?
Slide 04 - Right, so what is this talk going to be about?
Slide 05 - Expectations
Slide 06 - Way back when: me, before ESL
Slide 07 - Way back when: early ESL daze
Slide 08 - Way back when: Not another dialog!
Slide 09 - Way back when: The door is yellow!
Slide 10 - Way back when: the language lab
Slide 11 - Way back when: Do cats have elbows?
Slide 12 - Way back when: along came the computer
Slide 13 - First exposure to CALL
Slide 14 - Instructional Dialog Facility
Slide 15 - Programmed instruction
Slide 16 - The same trap
Slide 17 - Perpetuating teaching in the way we are taught
Slide 18 - Paradigm Shift
Slide 19 - Serendipitous outcomes: Two model implementations
Slide 20 - Tool based environments
Slide 21 - Serendipitous outcomes in the workshop
Slide 22 - Serendipitous outcomes in the workshop: video
Slide 23 - Guiding principles for serendipitous outcomes: Tool based environments
Slide 24 - Guiding principle 1 - Technology should be seamless: accumulating the ingredients
Slide 25 - Guiding principle 2 -Technology requires competent craftsmen: you can't have too many cooks
Slide 26 - Guiding principle 3 - Technology should be linked and integrated with curriculum: making the parts work together
Slide 27 - Serendipitous outcomes: the ERP phenomenon
Slide 28 - Serendipitous outcomes: introducing ERP
Slide 29 - Serendipitous outcomes: explaining ERP
Slide 30 - Serendipitous outcomes: cat herders
Slide 31 - Herding cats: Webheads
Slide 32 - Webheads: how it started
Slide 33 - Webheads: meet Felix and Ying Lan
Slide 34 - Webheads: you can join us if you like!
Slide 35 - Webheads: entirely online, negligible f2f, since 1998
Slide 36 - Webheads' faces and voices: gaining trust
Slide 37 - Webheads' faces: avatars at the Palace
Slide 38 - Webheads' personalities: avatars at the Palace
Slide 39 - Webheads' voices: HearMe and Real Media
Slide 40 - Webheads' Voices - now defunct Excite voice chat
Slide 41 - Webheads' artwork - whiteboards
Slide 42 - Webheads and teaching professionals: the idea of online participation at conferences
Slide 43 - The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 43) Webheads and teaching professionals: The problem of online participation at conferences
Slide 44 - Webheads and teaching professionals: the solution of online participation at conferences
Slide 45 - In conclusion ...
Slide 46 - In conclusion: no CALL curriculum
Slide 47 - In conclusion: no CALL either?
Slide 48 - In conclusion: no more TENOR or ENSP either!
Slide 49 - The final conclusion is inarticulable because unimaginable
Slide 50 - The End

Several presentations from this conference have been archived at My talk was streamed out to a live online audience during my presentation and archived on a computer in the conference main hall. Right after the talk the conference moved to another location at the University of Cyprus, the main hall was quickly made ready for a play to be given that evening, and the computer with the file containing the encoded audio for this presentation was put into storage. Next morning it was brought out of storage just before Chris Tribble was due to give his plenary talk. With no time to spare, the computer was set up to stream and archive his talk, and afterwards when we attempted to get both files from the computer we realized that Chris's talk had been given the same file name as mine, thereby overwriting my plenary from the previous day. Consequently there is no archived recording from my presentation, a shame, since part of it was sung, which in turn moved an audience participant to produce and play a harmonica during the presentation. However, I would be happy to attempt to repeat the performance should the opportunity arise (though we'll need someone on harmonica).

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