MLI GLD5, October 7, 2001

A Virtual Tour of Computer-Based Language Learning at the MLI

Vance Stevens, Randy Gonzales, Ed Chaffin, and Paul Crane
Military Language Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The MLI boasts a state-of-the-art computer-based CALL, or computer-assisted language learning, facility. This presentation aims to take you on a virtual tour of that facility.

Your tour can go in varying directions. If you would like to see what teachers have been doing with technology at the MLI, you can visit our website at and click on Virtual CALL Tour. Within that tour you will find the Online Student Center. You will also find a direct link on that page.

The Online Student Center is the most representative sample of recent work on CALL done at the MLI, and for this reason, our presentation today will focus on that effort.

Order of presentation GLD5 code Link
Vance Stevens, Presenter 98
Title Page for presentation 99
Summary remarks 100
Introduction to Student Center 101
Online Student Center 102 is no longer active

Vance Stevens is CALL Coordinator at the MLI. Ed Chaffin, Randy Gonzales, and Paul Crane are all instructors there who have taken advantage of the environment at the MLI to learn web-based programming and database management. The Online Student Center is but one of their products to emerge from this environment.

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