Credits: PilotEdge CEO & Founder Keith Smith giving a full IFR clearance, with pilot readback, for KSNA-KCRQ

Pilotedge: IFR Clearance from John Wayne ATC

Gap-fill exercise

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6DE: John Wayne , good afternoon, Caravan 786 delta echo IFR McLellan.
JWC: Caravan 6 delta echo, John Wayne clearance, good afternoon, to the Palomar airport. After departure fly 175 radar vectors 23 as . Maintain 2000, 5000 minutes after departure. Departure frequency squawk 7221.
6DE: OK, we’re cleared to Palomar heading 175, joined up to 23 as filed. Will 2000, expect at 5, 127.2 for departure and , 46 delta echo.
JWC: Caravan 6 delta correct