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Do you know any of these people from Oman?

At a reunion at Les and Sandra's at TESOL Arabia, March '98 in Al Ain, UAE

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Yusuf and Charlotte Al-Balushi = ybalushi at
Steve Ammar steammar at
Anderson, Helen, Rob and Jordan; roblanderson at ;In Abu Dhabi: rland353 at
Jan-Olov Andersson & Britt-Marie Lundberg <jo.andersson at>
Bob and Laurie Armstrong
Charles Asante asante1 at, as of summer 98, about to become Dr. Asante (congrats!)
Jon Ashwell <AshwelJ at>
Tommy and Alice Bäck = laaiq at - TOMMYBACK at
Peter and Heather Bennet in Indonesia
Alan and Kristal Beretta
Chris Bettney and Joan Anderson = brooklyn at in the UAE from late 2000
Halley Bicknell in West Virginia
Jerry H. Bicknell = jbicknell at and U8BF1 at (April 2001); checking this one: jhbicknell at; ICQ = 12569916
Robert and Elaine Buchanan
Bundrage, Jason = jbundrage at - Jason reports trouble with Hotmail; try jasonb at at his university in Sharja
Blythe Camenson in Florida
Don and Linda Carroll in Japan
Church, Gary and Sarah, in Sharja: Church at (left Sharja in June 1999)
Cobb, Tom at cobb.tom at; CV at
Coles, Steve and Renuka = slcoles at
Day, Peter = PeterDay at - PeterDay at
Donovan, Colleen = DonovanCRC at
Dorr, Marsha = heritage at
Evjen, Nils = laaiq at and nilsevjen at
Flowerdew, John, in Hong Kong, ENJOHNF at; on sabbatical in Vienna academic year 2000-2001, johnflowerdew at
Flowerdew, Lynne in Hong Kong, LCLYNNE at
Gordon, Deborah = dbgordon52 at as of Feb 2001
David Walsney-Goulding = david.walsney-goulding at
Hanrahan, Bill and Anne = billanne at, seen in an email header: billanne at
Andrew G. Harper = aharper at as of Feb 2001, where Andy's directing the ESL program at Extension at UCSB in Santa Barbara
Peter Hardcastle in Morocco
Haridi Selim haridiselim at
Bill and Sue Heather = bericas at
Alan, Angela and Merlin Hilyer <AlanH at>
Hook, Peter and Zila = hook at
Marlise Horst
Kirkham, Les in Al Ain at Leslie.Kirkham at
Last, John and Sheela and Reema: john.last at
Andre and Isabel Louon = a_louon at
Lundén, Ann = Ann at
Lundén, Chris = Cristofer at
Lundén, Robin = Robin at; ICQ = 11509169
Rob and Bridget McKinney in Cairo
McMullan, James = jpontt at, updated Dec. 1997
Jim Melia in Poland
Najafali Lillie and Mohamed = aladdin at
Oddy, Sandra, in Al Ain, Sandra.Oddy at
Price Philip = PKPrice at
Richardson, Neil = heritage at
Salama, Adel, still at the Language Centre at SQU and now a volunteer dive instructor for the Oman Dive Federation = Salama_Adel at; also adel at
Sherazee Misbah & Ali naqvi.sherazee at; both back in Oman as of Jan 2001 - Ali Sherazee: asherazee at and sherazee at; Misbah Naqvi : missinaqvi at and misbah at; Misbah and Ali : missiali at - email addresses all correct as of August 2001
Brian and Pat Stathan
Stevens, Bobbi, usually checks bobbi_stevens at, and infrequently, BobbiStev at
Stevens, Dusty, at dusty_stevens at
Stevens, Glenn, usually checks glennaldo_sf at never checks GlennStev at
Stevens, Vance, in the UAE checks vstevens at occasionally (rarely) when traveling; ICQ = 2774215; Hotmail and Yahoo! and Yahoo and MSN Messengers = Vance_Stevens
Thunold, Kirsti and Svein = kirstist at, and also kirstist at
Tweed, Arnold and Glenyce = As of August 4, 1998: Dr. William A. Tweed, Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology, MBC-22, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, P.O. Box 3354, Riyadh 11211, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fax. no 966-1-442-3909 arnold.tweed at; May 20, 2001: tweed at
Volungis, Vaughn = vaughnv at
Watson, Keith and Barbara =102412.2631 at
Keith and Babs Watson, URL
Keith Watson, Antique Dealer
Williams Virgil williams at
Zemek John igzemek at

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