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Did you know any of these people in Hawaii?

Anyone else wanna send a pic?

Steve Herr and Beth Kupper-Herr,

Bill & Tamae Beers <>
Kay Caldwell
Michael Clark
Crookes, Graham, at;
Graham Elliott,
Deborah Gordon
Andy Harper
Steve Harper,
pic from January 2000 --->
Dave and Miam Heuring in Abu Dhabi
Jonathon Hull
Philip Hull

Peter McFarquhar
c. 2001

Philip and Meiri Pinsent,; summer 2002

Doug Johnson
Ron Lapp
Steve McAfferty <>
Satoshi Oji
Seiko Okamoto
Martha Pennington,
Carol Perrin
Bill & Wan Riopel <> or maybe
Steve Taylor
Peter and Shannon VanDyke <-- or maybe -->
Joel and Mau and JoyWiskin

Vance's pic below is from April 2001

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