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What do people see in caves, anyway?

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Caving in Oman

Caving in Saudi

Caving in California

Bobbi and I were out hiking in Castle Rock park near San Jose when we came across a group of people ascending "Goat Rock". I stopped to chat, left a card, and got e-mail next day telling me where they met each month.

So I attended a series of meetings, a month apart, where people told about discovering caves locally, and gave slide presentations describing expeditions that were elaborate and challenging. And it became obvious there are some interesting opportunities in California to get claustrophobic. Nothing to equal Majlis Al Jin in Oman, but ample opportunity to get cold, damp, and muddy.

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 *Footnote: Glenn joined in too

On a misty cold Saturday, February 1, 1997, there was a session with the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Speleological Society in nearby Castle Rock Park put on by Cindy Heazlit on vertical rope techniques. Glenn went to learn how to rap (rappel, or ab, abseil). He not only went down a short practice pitch a number of times, but he made an ascent using what the Americans call the frog system, a chest ascender lifted by squatting and standing in a sling attached to an ascender pushed constantly overhead. Vance worked on honing his technique, and learned a number of basics about rigging and tuning his gear that his mates in Oman neglected to tell him before, during or after those harrowing fixes they almost got him into. Or maybe it's just a case of "when the student is ready, the teacher appears."

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