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What's a blog? plog? etc?? Educause featured an article on 7 things you should know about blogs in Aug 2005. I recorded the url here but on revisiting in Feb 2007 I find that you can't actually get the fact sheets on any of the topics. So you can't see, without logging in, the 7 things that Educause found significant about blogs in Aug 2005. However, you can get an excellent list here of what was hot each month in educational technology and then look the topics up in Wikipedia. For example: (and a Plog, according to Wikipedia, could be a 'project blog' or a 'picture log' you wouldn't find that out from Educause ;-)

Graham Davies writes in July 2007: "The archives of this Flashmeeting videoconference on blogging, podcasting and digital video show you what language teachers in secondary education in the UK are doing in these areas. The conference was set up by Joe Dale:

Talking Blogs -

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Blog Providers

Elder Bob recommends you interface with your blog using:

Some blogs you might want to check out

Here are a number of references on blogging

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Wikis are software which allow multiple users, with or without password, to write on a wiki page. When one user is writing, the page is locked to others. This can be done with our without password (depending on how the administrator set it up; Wikipedia requires none, for example). Wikis always have ways of reverting to previous states in case of need to correct information. Wikis are sometimes spammed and vandalized, but in aggregate, they appear to be excellent ways for communities to communicate their voices and disseminate information at a grass roots level, with multiple users critiquing each other, so that the point of view acknowledged by the community emerges. For an amusing explanation see

Aside from Wikipedia, the classic instance of a global wiki knowledge repository, there is also a Wiki textbook movement, and many sources of wikibooks in general:

Hosts for wikis:

Examples of wikis used for collaborative teaching and professional development:

Ask not what your wiki can do for you, but what you can do for your wiki:

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There's an easily readable/watchable guide on how to set up a video blog for free, here:

Here are some places where you can store video:

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One very useful feature of blogs is that they are syndicated and shared via RSS streams. To make this work you need the URL of the stream you wish to access and then an aggragator to collect the streams and feed them to you. I have moved my RSS materials to a new location:

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Open Source in general

The Open Source software model is replacing the Enterprise model in many areas of software development, particularly those involving the most users. Thomas Freedman for example, describes how IBM was forced to work with Apache developers (and contribute to the community) because they could not compete with open source developers in creating a superior product, and as a result IBM server software is now built on the Apache kernel. Here are some resources as I have time to record them here ....

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